Who we are

The King’s Chapel of the Savoy has an unusual status. As a private royal chapel of His Majesty The King, it is not subject to episcopal jurisdiction. We honour His Majesty as our King, and in right of His Duchy of Lancaster. Yet we do not forget the prime purpose for our existence. The chapel is a sacred space where we gather to experience the power and love of the living God of earth and heaven in sacrament, worship, prayer and music, set in ‘the beauty of holiness.’ The chapel is dedicated in the name of Saint John the Baptist, the great forerunner of Jesus Christ. Here we listen to the teachings of Christ and endeavour to follow the path of love and humility that he set for us. We are an inclusive and unpretentious community, and we welcome strangers and pilgrims who move hesitantly and uncertainly through this world, seeking to know more about the God who loves, inspires and guides us, always looking outwards to serve the world around us.